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Last month: +8.91%  ,    Last 3 months:+60.55%    ,    Last 6months:+133.56%
Last month: -4.60    ,    Last 3 months:+60.55,   Last 6months:+133.56%
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ARNC token is a decentralized project that made from trader bot…

There is USDT in impossible bot as much as ARNC market cap.

What is ARNC?

ARNC is a token, based on eth network to make investment easy.

In next Sections you will find out how ARNC helps organizations and individuals cut the expenses.

What was the problem?

With all the development in trading and investments, individuals and organizations have problem with two main problem, number one, The paper work and number two, a reliable platform which can trust, impossible is here to make it possible.

What is our solution?

We made a Al trade expert which analyze and trade all the markets and time frames. Beside the amazing results we had last 2 month that you can watch here we cut all the paper works for you, you just need to buy one of our NFTs from market place and wait to receive your profit in your wallet. See, no paperwork.

Benefits for Everyone

Arnoya classic (ARNC) is a digital currency operating on the Ethereum network. So, your company gets reliable records of each sale made through Arnoya’s shop. Such sales are recorded in a public distributed ledger (blockchain).

Features of Arnoya coin

Enjoy sophisticated tools for your business.



Fast and cheap payouts with the ARNC token help your firm to decrease transactional expenses and make a worldwide & borderless business.


Your Client:
Check out what goods and services your clients prefer though the Shop carts.


Your Business:
With the help of ANC token, get unlimited storage on Arnoya’s virtual shop. Place as many goods as you need for your growth.


• December 2021
Creation of the idea of I’m possible project
• Feburary 2022
The prototype of im possible finished
• April 2022
Test the prototype
• September 2022
ARN token fair launch on Uniswap
• October 2022
Arnoya’s shop MVP release
• Nov-Dec 2022
The first B2B clients onboarding

Our Token

Token Name:
Arnoya Classic
Token Symbol:
Contract Address:


ARC in Space has ultra profitable staking system with 31,445,000% APY Users are able to stake 5.000.000 ANC tokens per one wallet. Staking lock-up period is 60 days.
Users can unlock their staked funds earlier, but they will get 0% profit and pay 10% penalty. This provides an additional Utility on launch, gives more sustainability to ARNC price and amazing profits to our fans that stake their tokens!


2% / 2% Tax

  • Community Diven Project and contract re-announcement must keep the game model sustainable and provide token growth since developers won’t have access to the smart contract.
  • Buy 2%
  • Marketing Tax 1%
  • A Marketing Tax is needed to provide community growth even after the project launch. A small amount of 1% will allow us to increase community Monthly on 10%-25%!
  • Developer Wallet 1%
  • Game developers require different people’s work to bring multiplayer to the game and PVP mode; significant development has already been done and will still be needed. The game requires Servers for multiplayer and fair play since all game calculations happen on a server but not on the client side; servers rent should be paid.
  • Sell 2%
  • Game Reward Tax 1%
  • Game Reward tax is needed to keep the pool live, and the rewardable for the game will be able to grow while users will play the game. BURN 1%
  • To provide sustainable growth and a limited number of tokens in circulation, 1% of the selling tax will burn


Token Distribution

The Arnoya Classic (ARNC) token was fairly launched at 31th August 2022 on Uniswap decentralized exchange. Therefore, anyone can buy and sell ARNC for ETH on Uniswap’s market at any time.

Total Supply

The ARNC is a utility token utility that helps companies to decrease operational costs.
Also, it’s important to note that total token supply is limited to 26,000,000 ARNC.
Besides, the token contract doesn’t take any taxes.