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Token Sale

Last month: -4.60    ,    Last 3 months:+60.55    ,    Last 6months:+133.56%
Last month: -4.60    ,    Last 3 months:+60.55,   Last 6months:+133.56%
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Token Distribution

The Arnoya Classic (ARNC) token was fairly launched at 31th August 2022 on Uniswap decentralized exchange. Therefore, anyone can buy and sell ARNC for ETH on Uniswap’s market at any time

Total Supply

The ARNC is a utility token utility that helps companies to decrease operational costs. Also, it’s important to note that total token supply is limited to 26,000,000 ARNC. Besides, the token contract doesn’t take any taxes.


You can purchase and sell ARNC on Uniswap by using this link

ARNC is a utility token that can be used on ARNOYA’s platform (shop).

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You can use any Ethereum (ERC20) compatible wallet to store and transfer ARNC tokens. For example, you can use Metamask, TrustWallet, and others.

Yes, of course, contact us to get more details.